1. Give Praise Release is official. Slated for late December.»
  2. BIG NEWS. 7” release on Give Praise Records!

    BIG NEWS. 7” release on Give Praise Records sometime December. In other news, check out our latest track:


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  4. If you consider these bands hardcore:



    • A Day To Remember
    • Bring Me the Horizon
    • Chelsea Grin
    • Four Year Strong
    • Stick To Your Guns
    • The Devil Wears Prada

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  5. Nohari Stereokiller page.»
  6. Recording vocals for a new Nohari track.

  7. http://makeshiftreviews.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/nohari-nohari/»
  8. Fuck Your Scene was reviewed @ Zann’s Music

    It was originally written in Spanish, so here’s a rough translation:

    "Evidently, J. Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed integral and Karaoke Grindcore label owner) is not worried in the least our mental health and hearing. Rather, it is especially concerned about disturbing them and wounding them both. Its digital recording and free enterprise continues to release hidden gems of extremism and present, including this trio are conceived originally as a project strictly online.

    Despite this fact, the proposed digital Nohari not sound cold, but as the adrenaline rush typical of a group of young people with a clear passion for Grindcore, the Powerviolence the Sludge, hardcore violence and music overall, beating their instruments in a dusty basement and twisting until the last drop of sweat has touched the ground. As such, the band’s style is not easy to pigeonhole or define. They start from a clear basis Grindcore, their blast-beats, grunts and hysterical rot, but encourage a bit more twisted riffs, rhythmic variations (sometimes locked, sometimes Punkys, sometimes dense and overwhelming ) arrangements dissonant passages along the Death Metal sound strange and general climate that balances clarity of dirt and very particular.

    “Fuck Your Scene” (a title that describes quite well the spirit of these people) presents six tracks in just over twelve minutes and serves as an auspicious appetizer while waiting fingers crossed more developed material.”

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  10. Nohari is now on Grindcore Kareoke! Big time, baby!»


This is the official tumblr page for the sludge grind band, Nohari.